Members of the Friends of the Art of the Islamic Worlds have exclusive opportunities to travel domestically and abroad: gaining access to prestigious private art collections; embarking on special historical expeditions; and enjoying personal tours of the world’s renowned museums with the MFAH curator of Islamic art. The Friends cross the globe with artists, collectors, and leading scholars in the field, learning more about the arts of the Islamic world and experiencing the vibrant culture firsthand. 

In 2011, the group went on a seven-day excursion to Turkey. This exciting experience featured tours of the Turkey Cultural Foundation, the Hagia Sophia Museum, the Ancient Hippodrome, the Topkapi Palace, the Istanbul Modern Museum, and other cultural and archeological sites. The group also traveled together to London in 2009, experiencing behind-the-scenes viewings from some of the most world-renowned Islamic collections at Christie’s, the British Museum, the Tate Britain, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as visits to other local galleries and esteemed private collections. 

Join the Friends of the Art of the Islamic Worlds and access an exclusive, in-depth look at the marvelous arts, culture, and history of the Islamic world. Contact Bradley Houston at or 713.639.7594 for information and to join.